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Listening – The New Reading

Listening – The New Reading I love reading and I have to say I love listening to audio books, but I have always felt like I am cheating. Likewise, when I play a book for reviewer Sam I feel like I should be reading to him, or he should be reading it himself. But still,… Continue reading Listening – The New Reading

Origami Yoda – Interesting It Was

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda By Tom Angleberger A book where an Origami Finger Puppet is the star and gives advice to Tweens. Sounds like a book that would not normally have been on my bookshelf as a child! Reviewer Sam loves the Origami Yoda books by Tom Angleberger. He reads and re-reads them… Continue reading Origami Yoda – Interesting It Was

Theodore Boone – John Grisham Joins the Ranks of Children’s Authors

Theodore Boone By John Grisham While I do try to read what people call good books, I have to admit to enjoying getting stuck into a good crime novel. I admitted as much when I reviewed Exposure, Kathy Reich’s foray into writing teen fiction with her son. I enjoyed that novel so much I was… Continue reading Theodore Boone – John Grisham Joins the Ranks of Children’s Authors